Tractos Express

Machinery, Dangerous Goods and General Cargo Transport


TRACTOS Express, is our business unit focused specially on the transport of heavy machinery, general cargo and dangerous cargo.


  • Transport of Heavy Machinery:

Each day, and in different areas of the country, some type of machinery is being moved on our flatbeds. Many clients prefer us, due to the guarantees and support of our service. Leave in real expert hands, the transfer of your machinery.

  • Transport of General Cargo:

Any project involves the transfer of a countless of auxiliary components, materials and minor equipment. TRACTOS has an important fleet of conventional trailers and trucks, for the movement and handling of general cargo and containers. Also we have forklift cranes and telescopic handlers to carry out deconsolidation of containers in the field.

  • Transport of Dangerous Goods:

TRACTOS Express, in its Division of dangerous goods, offers certified equipment for transporting and handling of IMO cargo. Particularly, in this type of services, the care for the environmental plays a prevailing role, in case of an accident. This is way our services include all necessary backing of contingency planning, reactions teams and personnel in the face of unfortunate events, to mitigate in the least possible time any environmental damage that may arise.

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