Petrochemical Industry:


Large projects require large solutions. TRACTOS offers high end experience, capacity and planning to successfully develop projects for the refinery industry, regasification plants, and chemical plants. Together, with the right equipment and a proper planning, our Teams can minimize the plant shutdown time, when it comes to equipment replacements or upgrades, focusing on the best practices applicable in global level for this kind of projects, with a local vision reflecting the particular reality of each requirement. The timely arrival of the heavy components to the workplace, along with a detailed planning and a tidy execution to perform the assembly of each component in foundation, are key factors to achieve the objectives of the project’s progress.

We offer non-conventional solutions for the assembly of large-size equipment, which result many times more efficient than high tonnage cranes, or by lifting capability, or mixed solutions, combining the best of each alternative.

In well-drilling operations, TRACTOS has a wide experience in the transportation of oil drilling equipment,performing services throughout the country, including the Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia. We have specialist flatbeds for transporting oil equipment, as well as a large and strong fleet of equipment that allow us to develop movements of large number of components simultaneously.

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