Mechanical Assembly of High Tonnage


In many projects, and due to multiple factors, it is not feasible to use cranes o conventional lifting equipment for industrial components positioning. This is where TRACTOS offers a non-conventional range of solutions to solve every kind of heavy assembly requirements.

  • Megastructures Jacking:

    In TRACTOS, we provide your project, a wide range of equipment of hydraulic jacking, 100% scalable in capacity, which allow to develop consecutive lifting manoeuvres, practicallylimitless. For small-scale and medium-scale solutions, we operate with locally available equipment, however for large-scale projects, we offer tailored solutions.


  • Heavy Equipment Jacking and Skidding:

    This type of solutions allows to realize lifting, skidding, rotation, lowering and among others, for all weight range components. It is commonly used in construction projects and/or maintenance work or replacement of equipment in service, to resolve in a minimal invasive manner, manoeuvres by other methods would require more interventions and/or the operating plants stoppage.


  • Heavy Lifting by Gantry Cranes:

    In high tonnage lifting, or in particularly complex works, the best solution, is one that is 100% adapted to project requirement.

    Heavy lift solutions with hydraulic gantries and standjacks for evey project.

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