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The main objectives in TRACTOS planning, our applied engineering division, are to evaluate, to design, and to implement effective technical solutions, generating a positive impact for our customers’ projects in terms of low cost and execution time, and of course, under a frame of controlled risk.

From the simple preliminary logistic feasibility studies to the development of technical procedures for transporting and heavy assembling, the multimodal operations design, structural analysis of bridges, design and production of lifting riggings, technical-economic feasibility studies in a “Factory to Foundation” mode, or the complete management of a logistic project, are the different scopes offered by TRACTOS to its industrial customers as well as EPCs.

TRACTOS has become a market reference in the development of high standard engineering analysis and studies. Our customers can trust in our deep knowledge, to visualize future scenarios and minimize thir project's risks.

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Ask for a working meeting and you will see how we can collaborate conceptually from the planning to the most detailed safety working procedure that your project requires.

Pre-feasibility Viability and Design Project Management
We develop all type of analysis and studies previous to the project, to determine the operation feasibility, and to define conceptually the mostappropriate solutions. In accordance with the working scenario and its main challenges. We elaborate all the engineering studies needed, which allow attain the viability of the logistic project as a result, in addition, the design of the specific operations plans, for multimodal transfer, lifting manoeuvres and critical equipment assembly in fundation. We carry out the planning, the control, and the monitoring at all project stages, under a macro perspective of minimal execution times and total cost, without neglecting critical details of each link of the value chain.
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