Cranes Service


Cranes service according to needs of each project. From hydraulic bloom truck cranes, to folding boom crawler cranes, or special cranes for large projects, TRACTOS together with its partners offers a cost-effective solution and highly reliable, for every need.

  • Truck Cranes up to 350 tons:

Truck cranes service, for construction projects and industrial maintenance works, according to each requirement and task.

Service available under the crane rental mode, and as integral assembly/disassembly service. Through our Engineering Division, we design special lifting riggings, carrying out FED modelling and previous load tests, to ensure safe working conditions.

  • High capacity crawler and truck cranes up to 1,200 tons:

High capacity cranes service, mounted on crawler or truck up to 1,200 metric tons available for all kind of projects, through our service partners.

Getting involve in previous definitions of the project planning, we can give advice very effective, and to seek the crane that best suits the needs of the lifting project.

Proven experience at global level, in all types of industries and projects.

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