Complementary Services

Equipment and Auxiliary Services for your Project


Under the same operational motive, we offer our customers an important range of auxiliary-complementary services and equipment, according to the needs of each project.

Through our partnerships with the main port operators of the country, we can integrate our services.


  • Storage of loads:

    Indoor and outdoor storage facilities, according to the environmental requirements of each component. We offer different alternatives in extra-port deposits and/or own promises, including crane services to solve load-in and load-out operations.

    Optionally, we design and install all kind of special packaging. From simple polyethylene protections, to specific casings or packing of certified wood for exportations loads.


  • Supply of Equipment:

    From exclusively design and manufactured solutions, like lifting riggings, support structural elements, or supply of lashing components and materials, export packing or auxiliary equipment for manoeuvres of mechanical assembly, we provide our customers.


  • Container Rental:

    We have a rental division of maritime containers of 20 feet and 40 feet, free delivery and retirement options in workplace. Contact us for availability and prices.

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